SLCTM was a joint project between Ingenieurbüro Neumeister and Metsä Tissue. The project was carried out by the European Commission under the SILC initiative.


Ingenieurbüro Neumeister is specialised in the optimisation of energy efficiency in industrial plants, power plants, and supports companies within the European Emission Trading System. The engineering office was founded in 2006 by Dr.-Ing. Jens Neumeister. Ingenieurbüro Neumeister analysed all tissue machines within the project, evaluated thermodynamic models, created new innovative concepts for reducing direct CO2 emissions and wrote this guideline.

Metsä Tissue is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of tissue paper products to households and professional users in Europe and the market leader in the Nordic countries. Metsä Tissue is also the world’s leading supplier of baking and cooking paper products. Sustainability is taken very seriously. Metsä Tissue seeks to minimise the environmental impact of their products throughout their life cycle, from sourcing of raw materials to production and consumption right through to their disposal. Metsä Tissue lowered the specific energy consumption continuously year by year by 1 to 2%. In 2011, Metsä Tissue launched the SLCTM project for reducing direct greenhouse gas emissions. Please find more information on